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We compromise our professional media buying team with technology of programmatic media buying.

Starting campaign from scratch has never been that easy. Our team of 20 young and highly-motivated employees can help you to decide upon the budget, best sources of traffic, creative files as well as guide you during all the lifetime of the campaign to make sure you receive the maximum ROI.

We believe that optimization and day-to-day customer approach makes the most essential effect for driving the best results for your campaign. As for publishers and affiliates, we ensure that you get your payment in time as well as quality feedback from the advertiser on daily basis.


Monetize your mobile traffic with Misky Ads

Your dedicated account manager will guide you step by step during the lifetime of the campaign. We are pleased to work with direct affiliates as well as other networks. We optimize your traffic by sub sources and pass all this information to the advertiser.

In case, you sub source shows low efficiency on permanent basis, we just block it for sending traffic to us without blocking your entire company. We are flexible in payment terms and always make sure you receive your payment in time. We also have reward program for our valuable affiliates (you are pleased to contact your dedicated manager for more information).

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Only qualified media sources

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CPA/CPI campaigns

We work with all the media channels, starting from SMS marketing to in-app inventory. We eager to provide your mobile application with loyal, engaged and active users and achieve your goals during campaign promotion. Your success is our success as each campaign is a struggle for us to achieve maximum KPIs.

Your dedicated account manager will be always in touch with you to improve efficiency of the traffic, optimizing it on daily basis.

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