Professional Tips for Selling More Products Online

Effectively selling products online requires much more than just creating a product listing page and sharing it on Twitter, hoping for the sales to come flooding in.

Date: 24.04.2017 Category: article

From creating compelling item listings, to utilizing only high quality product photography, and consistently blogging about solutions for your customers, selling products online can appear overwhelming.

Through my work as a content and community manager at Selz, a solution for selling online and from your social channels, I hear from hundreds of entrepreneurs each week. From what’s going well, to what’s definitely not.

Although every business is unique and requires a different approach to finding new customers, I’ve found there are a handful of foundational tips that most sellers incorporate into their online businesses. From creating product listings that are designed to sell, to increasing conversions, and creating a happy community, there’s something here for everyone, no matter your business or product.

Here are 23 essential tips and resources for effectively selling products online.

1. Create clear product titles and descriptions: What is your buyer receiving? What type of value does your product provide? Make sure to list out everything a buyer would receive from purchasing your product, whether it’s a digital guide to photography or a whole foods recipe ebook. Need help with naming your thing? Alexandra Franzen has your back.

2. Write clear and concise copy: Unless it’s a core competency of your brand, don’t try to be clever in your product description, sales page, or product title. Clarity goes a long way here. Be clear in your writing so customers know exactly what they’re paying for.

Professional Tips for Selling More Products Online

Sure, selling online requires creating a captivating product listing that gets your potential customers excited. But, it also requires thoughtful engagement with your community through social media and email marketing, while creating a consistent online experience through your brand values and tone.

Remember, effectively selling products online is all about the customer. Find out what your customers need the most help with, then build a product that serves their needs. You can never go wrong with a genuine strategy like that.

What are some of your favorite tips and resources for selling online? Leave a comment below.